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What I gained through Breathwork & how my life has changed


May 2021. This week, the Breathing Space Facilitator Training Course will come to an end which I attended for the last ten months to learn how to become a Breathwork facilitator. By now Breathwork is part of my life for 3.5 years. It all started in January 2018 – this blog post was all about my first encounter with Breathwork and my journey until the training course started last year. Now that the course ended, I took some time to reflect on my journey so far – and it felt right to look at the bigger picture, not just what this course had taught me or what my path looked like until now, but what I gained through Breathwork and what it brought to my life in general.

So here comes a list and an exploration about how Breathwork has changed my life, and how much I gained through Breathwork and diving into this world. (This list is in no means in any hierarchical order!)

1. A broader view on what health and healing means

Breathwork was my first dive into bodywork and it gave me a much greater understanding about how the body works and what we need to heal.

Before this, there was a part of me that already understood that the Western medical and health system isn’t really presenting a holistic view on health and healing (let’s just start with the question why the first solution when going to a doctor always seems to be to get some medication rather than exploring the causes that lie behind a symptom? – or why we only go to a doctor when something feels off in our body?). Through breathwork, and especially during the training course, I learned so much new about our body and how energy, for example, is stored in our body and needs to be released – and with that I got a broader understanding that Western medicine and medication are not even close to providing tools for our holistic health or our healing journey.

I am not saying that the Western medicine isn’t needed at all. And by no means do I feel like I’ve understood it all and know exactly what’s needed for people to heal. My journey in this area just begun and I’ve already got plans to dive deeper and learn more about our bodies and their healing powers.

But what Breathwork has brought me was a greater understanding of the fact that we need to consider the wisdom of our own bodies and our own healing powers when we want to learn more about health and healing.

2. Being able to release trauma

One of the most important and most personal things on this list. The reason why I came back to breathwork after my first try and why I am now so dedicated to keep working with it.

My first blog post was about how – through one particular conscious breathwork session – I was able to release trauma energy that was stored in my body ever since I was sexually assaulted during my teenage time. This power that lies within breathwork still amazes me – and I’m deeply grateful that the Universe decided to present this tool to me for my personal healing journey.

3. Connecting deeper with my body

I think, the first two points really lead to this one. The connection I developed with my body since I started my breathwork journey, is so much deeper than it was ever before.

I am now able to really feel my body, during breathwork sessions as well as in general life. I’m much more aware of the energy stored in my body or in particular areas of it. It also opened my mind to new ways of connecting with it and with myself and in January 2021 I started taking somatic experience coaching sessions for myself to connect even more deeply with my body by exploring the experiences of my past as well as energy and emotions that are still stored inside of me.

4. A new tool for self-care and self-love

Unnecessary to say, that Breathwork is a brilliant tool for self-care and self-love. This really comes out of the above points I made with regards to being able to connect deeper with your body and being able to release trauma. But only a couple of weeks ago, I was reminded about the power of Breathwork as my go-to tool for self-care even when it’s not about trauma and healing.

I was feeling stressed and on-edge because there is so much going on in my life at the moment and I found it hard to let go of my thoughts and relax. So, I decided to take a 1:1 breathwork session with the intention to just let go – and it worked wonder. I really was able to let go of everything that was bothering me and just be with myself for a while. I felt like a completely new person afterwards.

Many people use massages or spa days to relax. This session reminded me that Breathwork is an even more effective tool that can be used to come back to yourself, to your true self, strengthening the connection to the love I feel for myself.

5. Human connection

I almost struggle having this point only on Number 5 of the list. As human connections are so important to me, my inner critical voice doesn’t think this is appropriate. However, really every point on this list is important to me, so as I said before I’m not trying to make a hierarchically accurate list.

Nevertheless, one of the most important things that Breathwork brought to me was the connection with many like-minded people, who believe – like me – in the wisdom and healing powers of our own bodies and are willing to make their contribution to support other people and/or make the world a better place.

On the facilitator training course (but also in some of the online and face-to-face sessions), I met so many inspiring, beautiful, caring, loving people and I am beyond grateful that I connected with many of them on a deeper level and I know they will be part of my on-going journey, as part of my personal life and as a business colleague.

6. Spiritual connection

Another important connection, I found through Breathwork, is my spiritual connection. Even though I worked with the term “spirituality” and it felt right to call myself “spiritual” before, only through Breathwork I started to really feel the spiritual connection that I hold with the Universe and with others.

There is so much power when you leave your mind behind (some might even say leaving your body) in a breathwork session and connect with something bigger – it is hard to explain and even though my mind is always trying to understand what exactly is happening in those moments and how this is even possible physically, my heart and soul just know and feel the power behind this. They understand without needing to understand more. The connection can just be felt in a Breathwork session.

7. Finding my own power and more self-confidence

Before I started running Breathwork sessions myself, I was really worried that I wouldn’t “be good at this” as I felt the desperate need (of my ego) to be really good at it, so I can make use of this powerful tool, bring it to others and support people on their personal (healing) journeys.

From my very first session on, I knew how much I enjoy to run these sessions and that, when I leave my ego out and just follow this joy, it comes quite naturally to me. I am able to create a safe and loving space which people need to go on their journey.

It still took a couple of months and more experience to grow this knowledge into an inner personal confidence, which is now much stronger inside of me than anything I ever felt before. Like many other women I often struggle with Imposter Syndrome when I do my work. However, with Breathwork this changed.

Even though people are responsible for their own journeys and what they experience often has nothing do to with the facilitator, there is an awareness of my own inner power and a knowledge, that I am able to provide a beautiful space for them to actually go on their journeys.

8. A tool that supports my vision

Following on from the previous point I made about my own inner power and self-confidence, more than anything, I love that with Breathwork I found a tool that I can use to support my vision and make the world a better place! As you might know I am driven to support women feeling safer and freer in their femininity and for this, Breathwork is a perfect tool and I am dedicated to use it as much as possible, bringing it out into the world to make use of the power that lies within it!

These are (some of) the things that I gained through joining the world of Breathwork. While I was writing this post, I was wondering how many more gains and benefits I am probably missing or overseeing. I am sure, that, as soon as I publish this, more things will come to my mind that Breathwork has brought me.

However, one of my new goals is to let go of my perfectionism and instead of urging myself to find more, I let this need go and leave you with a question to ponder for yourself:

What did Breathwork bring to your life? What have you gained by introducing Breathwork to your life?

I’m curious and looking forward to reading about it in the comments! 😊

If you have not experienced breathwork yet and are more curious about it now, and you want to try this amazing life-changing experience yourself, then please get in touch with me. On my website, you currently find my offers only in German. However, I am also offering individual 1:1 Breathwork sessions in English. You want to know more about it, please send me an email at hallo@svenjatasler.com

I am looking forward to breathe with you!

All the Best,

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